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Having the ability to defend yourself in a volatile situation is something that can literally save your life. As you have no doubt seen in the news lately, we live in a world that can be extremely unfriendly at times. At SAS Group LLC, we provide CCW training in Madison Heights, MI that can help you be prepared to keep you and your family safe when these situations do arise.
As certified experts with over a century of combined experience providing firearms training, we are able to provide several different types of programs that include CCW certification training, self defense training, and concealed pistol license training. We also have the ability to provide women’s training for females interested in either a self-defense or CCW training program.
At SAS Group LLC, the quality of each training class that we offer is absolutely second to none in the industry. We thoroughly understand what exactly goes into being able to protect yourself, and no one has the experience that you will find from the experts that work at our facility. Our training programs and classes allow you to significantly improve your self-defense and firearms skills, while providing actionable plans for continued improvement well after you leave our services.
With our extensive experience in the industry and a guarantee of receiving quality training that is second to none, it is no wonder that hundreds of individuals throughout Madison Heights, MI and the surrounding areas trust SAS Group LLC for their CCW training needs. 

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